The Independence Trail is operated by the Independence Trail Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501(c)3 non profit. We are dedicated to teaching 12,000 years of Rhode Island history, starting with the onset of the glaciers in the last ice age and continuing through the current day. The trail focuses on the history, architecture, culture, and folklore that has made Rhode Island a unique, interesting, and wonderful place to live in or visit. In addition to the audio cell phone tour and the smartphone app, the trail conducts academic tours for school groups. The tours are also available, by appointment, for business, social, and community groups. The trail features stories from every period of American history -- from native peoples, to the American revolution, civil war, industrial revolution, world wars, waves of immigration, and current events. History and civics are the owners manual to democracy. By teaching the past, we hope to make a better future for all Rhode Islanders. HUZZAH!
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